Recruitment Agreement Philippines

The adjudicating entity is jointly responsible with the agent in matters relating to the recruitment, recruitment and destation of the Philippine HSW, including the full execution of the SEC. The Director authorizes the Philippine recruitment agency, as a representative and representative in the Philippines, to act on its behalf in all matters relating to the recruitment, recruitment and secondment of Filipino HSW for their clients in Saudi Arabia. On the basis of this authority, the contracting entity grants the agent the following powers: 6.3 signature, authentication and provision of all documents necessary to conclude all transactions related to recruitment and recruitment, including measures necessary to facilitate the departure of HSW recruited in accordance with philippine laws; 6.2 enter into all contracts with a person, company, institution or organization in connection with the recruitment and intermediation of Filipino SSWs requested by the client; 6.1 to represent the Director before all Philippine government and private offices/agencies/agency in the hiring, hiring and employment of Filipino HSWs in Saudi Arabia; The client pays the agent a service fee equal __________for each HSW rented and employed. In addition, the contracting entity will bear the costs of mobilizing the agent to the tune of – to cover the costs of staff. Under no circumstances can the client deduct from HSW`s salary an amount owed to him in connection with his hiring. GUIDELINES FOR THE HIRING OF SKILLED WORKERS (INCLUDING NURSES) HIRED THROUGH AN AGENCY 1.1 The contractor uses the agent`s facilities and services for advertising, recruitment, screening, processing and documentation of Filipino household agents (HSW) that he will hire for the staffing needs of his clients in Saudi Arabia. If necessary, it also uses these services and facilities for the reintegration of HSW. In the event of a dispute related to this recruitment contract, the parties must do everything in their power to resolve them amicably. If the out-of-court settlement efforts fail, the dispute will be referred to the respective Chief Executive Officers of the contracting parties for final settlement. If settlement efforts at this level still fail, the dispute may be served by both parties to the competent court.

Following the POEA Circular No. 08 Memorandum, Series 2012, on the ASA`s Polo Accreditation and POEA Registration Guidelines, which commits Philippine HSW to Saudi Arabia, a model/standard recruitment agreement (RA) is adopted between the SRA and the PRA.

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