This Is The Android Software Development Kit License Agreement

5. Privacy requirements for Android apps: You accept that your apps protect the privacy and legal rights of their users. If your app uses or accesses personal and private user information (username, passwords, etc.), your app will provide an appropriate privacy statement and keep that data secure. Note that data protection laws and regulations may vary depending on the user`s location. As a developer, you are solely responsible for the proper management of this data.4 Android app development rights: You retain all rights to the android software you develop with the SDK, including intellectual property rights. You also retain full responsibility for your own work. Android itself, or more precisely, its user space platform components, is licensed ASLv2. Its basic operating system is Linux, which is licensed GPLv2. Google encourages developers to license their Android applications under ASLv2.

It is true that the use of Google as ASLv2 bothers some open source developers, but this is true from the beginning. 1.3 « Android » refers to the Android software stack for devices as provided under the Open Source Android project, which is found in the following URL:, as updated from time to time. 14.3 When a court competent to rule on this matter decides that a provision in this licence agreement is invalid, that provision is removed from this licence agreement without affecting the rest of this licence agreement. The other provisions of the licence agreement remain valid and enforceable. 4. CONFIDENTIALITY. The SDK (including use embodied in an application or used by an application) is confidential and proprietary information of TokBox, and you cannot pass them on to third parties for the lifetime or thereafter, or use them for purposes other than expressly in this form, without a separate written agreement with TokBox allowing you to do so. c. use, modify and redistribute the sample code in accordance with the current open source license, as shown in the headers or in the corresponding documentation. 14.1 This licensing agreement constitutes the entire legal agreement between you and Google and governs your use of GDK (with the exception of all services provided by Google under a separate written agreement) and completely replaces all previous agreements between you and Google with respect to GDK.

4.1 Google agrees not to receive rights, securities or interest from you (or your licensees) under this software application licensing agreement that you are developing with GDK, including all intellectual property rights that exist in these applications. 14.7 This licensing agreement and your relationship with Google under this licensing agreement are governed by the laws of the State of California, regardless of the conflict of laws. You and Google agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Santa Clara County, California courts to clarify all legal issues arising from this licensing agreement.

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