Unciv Research Agreement

Resolved #581 – Rotations on production values are now still accurate and do not depend on bonuses for the latest production update of Smashfanful (Italian) and Yann (French) Redid Buggy AI Logic of Logical Acceptance a Crash Situation clicking on « Future Tech » when it has already explored Added Great Wall wonderResolved #613 – Policy choice – city conquer collisionResolved #614 – Bug with water tiles looted AI does not build scientific constructions when all the techs are exploredAdded « Must Next [] » unique for tile improvements Sonresolved #3239 – simplifies unit actionsAdded resource-providing buildingConfirmation unique popup when clearing the map editorFiles in the mod folder not longer crash the game on startupBy r3versi:- Clear Barbarian Camp quest- Pixel unit colors based on civilization colors- City states influence barTranslation updates Czech translation by sveckarel and beginning of Korean translation of allrbsacp000)Progress bar should no longer appear , after obtaining technology in the middle of research for freeUI changes to better adapt to low resolutions – from lishaoxia1985Renamed « Immortal » unit to « Persian Legacy » and « Range » promotion to « Extended Range » due to translation conflicts with « Range » property and « Immortal » difficulty in Civilization V, The player leads a civilization from prehistoric times to the future on a reproductive map, trying to achieve a series of different conditions of victory through research, exploration, diplomacy, expansion, economic development, government and military conquest. The game is based on a brand new game engine with hexagonal tiles instead of the square tiles of previous games in the series. [5] Many elements of Civilization IV and its extension packages have been removed or modified, such as religion and espionage (although these have been reintroduced in their later extensions). The combat system has been overhauled by removing the stacking of military units and allowing cities to defend themselves by shooting directly at nearby adversaries. [6] In addition, the maps contain computerized city-states and non-player characters available for trade, diplomacy and conquest. The boundaries of a civilization also push one tile at a time, in favor of more productive tiles,[7] and roads now have maintenance costs, so they are much less frequent. [8] The game features community, modding and multiplayer elements. [5] It is available for download on Steam. That`s why I didn`t receive anything from the chords in the last play. I had 1/2 gymnastics stuff that I hadn`t done any research. Scenarios can be tech trees that are not constantly sought – allowing for very small trees of the modded techThe constantly searchable technology technologyNuke can no longer now destroy capitals instead of destroying capitals – By HadeanLakeFinenne Added Translations! Updated translation of search agreements! – by lishaoxia1985Carrier Promotions – Jack RainySploring units are no longer automatically entering the units of the city staatenMap Editor Menu fix – lyrjieCan not buy more than another tile player in multiplayer – by lyrjieSpecialist attribution is immediately visible on the #1759`City screen: correct `Turns to build` for several units of the same type – by reversitranslation updates The cost of my initial search agreement was 300: AI can now offer You tradesResolved #525 – Added Open Borders agreementDeclaring war cancels all prior trade agreementsAll trades are now cancelled, if a civ is undoneAll building updated immediately the building listFix negative TurnsToNewPopulation while razing – by Am-Per-SandChinese and translate into Italian Updates – from lishaoxia1985 and SmashfanfulFix national miracle `build elsewhere` trick – by Duan TaoChinese Police Upgrade – by lishaa1985 Added Pixel Art Unit – currently opt-in opt-in , because not all units have unique sprites improved, the now specified in the improved Picker screen Add missing tutorialsBonus and luxury resources are evenly distributed, not coincidentally, about the mapAcquis Appendix / Puppet / release / raze Statements on the pop-up where you choose themThe #1185 (I hope) f

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