Uwha Collective Bargaining Agreement

The Union agrees that this agreement should settle claims related to this issue. UWHA and UW Labor Relations (LR) met on Wednesday, April 9 on Zoom for the 27th round of negotiations. The UWHA submitted counter-proposals for Articles 1, 2, 6, 11, 21, 23 and 25. LR responded with proposals for Articles 6.11 and 21. Articles 3, 11 and 13 are ready for provisional agreement (in the event of a virtual signature). The state-appointed mediator was present. It goes without saying that when a commission program contains a topic on the relationship between the university (existing or potential) with a union or involves the management of collective agreements or wages or benefits for a worker, whether they are members of that bargaining unit or not, the residents present may be excused from this part of the committee meeting by the chairman of the commission. All emails sent to admin@uwha.com will be forwarded to our new email address. « The UW continued to apply the terms of the previous collective agreement during contract negotiations, in accordance with Washington State law.

We have tried to make a compelling offer in the negotiation, taking into account the value that people and fellows bring to our health care system, while remaining competitive as employers and training organizations, and circulating the same things as the finances of the system. Section 3. Unless expressly agreed upon by this agreement, the university is alone and exclusively empowered to make all educational policy decisions; Setting standards and qualifications for selection and development through the Residency program; and determine the training methods and curricula to be used in residency programs. RFPU will send a copy to the Office Relations Lab within 30 (30) days of receiving the decision on the second step. The University will notify the RFPU in writing and PERC within 30 days of receiving the mediation request if they do not agree. Participation in mediation is voluntary. Proposals made in the context of mediation have no precedent or relevance in arbitration proceedings, unless the parties have agreed otherwise. At any time, each party can vote to continue step four. Side Letter – Communication, LR removes the language that says only one email is allowed to a UW email. The UWHA acknowledged that it would sign an interim agreement on the letter. The next round of negotiations is scheduled to be zoomed in on Thursday, May 14 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

UWHA welcomes all members to participate, please email admin@uwha.com if you wish to join. Article 25 (traffic), LR added language, parking spaces that agrees UWHA, and accepts the return to the language of the contract for parking at nights and weekends. The next round of negotiations is scheduled for Thursday, May 28 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. by zoom. UWHA welcomes all members to participate, please send admin@uwha.com until 9:00 am on May 26 if you wish to join. It took us seven months for labour relations to accept this language. It is disappointing that the UW continues to fight for the basic protection of residents and fellows, especially during a pandemic – but this agreement is crucial for:1. Keeping Our Members Safe The University of Washington Housestaff Association was first founded in 1964 as a collective of residents and fellows with the intention of joining forces.

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