Caricom Cuba Agreement

Among the products included in caricom`s duty-free offer for Cuba are fish, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, steel products, machinery and electrical equipment and parts thereof. The CARICOM secretariat noted that, since CARICOM already had an existing trade and economic cooperation agreement with Cuba, it would be in the interest of both parties to ensure that preferential market access to the other country, provided for in the Second Protocol to the Agreement, was extended. The agreement also aims to give the CARICOM private sector, in particular, the urgency of accessing the Cuban market by taking advantage of the preferences provided for in the original agreement itself. According to the CARICOM secretariat, the protocol is further proof of the commitment of both sides to promote the trade and economic relations established many years ago and which offer investment opportunities. View details of the CARICOM-Cuba Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement The agreement was signed here at the 45th meeting of the Trade and Economic Development Board (COTED), which ends here on Friday. Caricom said it was determined to further deepen and strengthen its partnership with Cuba, as new opportunities are sought to develop its trade and investment relations. « Signing this protocol is essential to this process. The region therefore welcomes the formal signing of the protocol and looks forward to the trade momentum it announces, » said a statement from the CARICOM secretariat.

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