Sample Data Processing Agreement

Note that the agreement mentions employees, agents and contractors – a good way to cover all bases. 6.1. The processor will ensure that all staff members of the processor who are necessary to access the personal data are required to comply with the obligation of confidentiality set out in the agreement or to be subject to a legal obligation of confidentiality. 3.2. The Controller assumes no responsibility for the data uploaded by the Data Controller to the « Templafy Desktop ». « Customer Data » means all personal data processed by Mailchimp on behalf of the customer through the Service, as described in particular in this DPA. (d) Duration of processing: Mailchimp processes customer data as described in section 7 (return or deletion of data) of this DPA. This is another integral part of any GDPR data processing agreement. Before the controller can communicate consumer data to a data processor in good faith, all the obligations of the processor with regard to the personal data should be detailed. The GDPR requires the following information to be included in your data processing agreement: a data controller must facilitate the rights of its data subjects, but it may need the help of the processor.

This is due to the fact that some of these rights involve access to or deletion of personal data that may be held by the processor, or the limitation or cessation of processing that may be carried out by the processor. While there are many more types of data processing services, these are just a few common examples to illustrate the types of situations that require a GDPR data processing agreement between the two parties. 11.1. The processor must inform the data controller in writing without delay and no later than 36 hours if an identified or potential infringement of personal data processed under the DPA has been detected. 2.3 The processing of data by the processor includes the acts defined in the agreement. Let us put that in context. Imagine that you are an individual (data subject) who makes online purchases in an e-commerce…

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